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Marijn van der Zwaan embraced his passion for uptempo music in 2023, making his debut at Annihilation. As a pioneer of the extremely popular bounce uptempo genre, he quickly became a significant name in the scene. His standout performances have made Aalst a recognized figure, particularly after his impactful set at Rebirth Festival, which has propelled his career forward. 

Aalst has been added to the Intents Festival line-up twice, even performing alongside Spitnoise, thanks to the strong impression he has already made. With major gigs like Dominator Festival on the horizon, it’s clear that this passionate artist’s journey is just beginning. 

In addition to his solo success, Aalst is a key member of the live act GSRP LIVE, collaborating with top artists Akimbo and Eraized. As Aalst continues to innovate and inspire within the bounce uptempo community, his influence is set to grow, solidifying his place as a trailblazer in the genre. The future looks incredibly bright for this dedicated artist, and we can’t wait to see where his talent takes him next!

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