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After several years of exploring the raw hardstyle scene, Desolate One has found his way to faster BPMs. His signature sound, which hovers between hardcore and uptempo, has quickly gained recognition, leading to significant releases on major labels like Afterlife Recordings, End of Line Recordings and Gearbox Overdrive. In addition to his successful releases, Desolate One has made a mark in various DJ contests: reaching the top 20 of the Rebirth Festival DJ contest and winning the Reawake Festival DJ contest. Such achievements have granted him the opportunity to share the stage with A-class artists regularly, allowing him to showcase his tracks to a broader audience. After doing some gigs on local events, Desolate One is more than ready to conquer bigger stages. Expect to see a lot more of this promising talent in the near future, because Desolate One’s journey has only just begun!

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